How does bail work?

The judges of each county set bail amounts for each offense and publish a Bail Schedule. When a person is arrested and booked into the jail, a Deputy will utilize the bail schedule to determine the total amount required for a defendant’s release.

A bail bond is an Insurance Policy that is posted at the jail for the release of a person from custody. The bond is held by the court and is guaranteed by 1 Hour Bail Bonds and the individual(s) paying for bail (Indemnitor/Co-signer). The Bail Bond Agency guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the judge required them to do so until the case is over.

How do I post bond?

In most cases, bail bonds are posted by a bail bonding company, such as 1 Hour Bail Bonds. Acting as a surety, the bail bondsman is paid a percentage of the bond by the accused, and the bonding company will post the bail bond to the court. You get out of jail and the surety assures the court that you will appear for your court date(s).

What are the release options when someone is arrested?

Surety Bond (Bail Bond):

An alternative to cash, this process involves an agreement with an insurance company that has adequate assets to satisfy the face value of the bond. The bail agent guarantees to the court that his company will pay the bond forfeiture if the defendant fails to appear in court. For this service, the defendant is charged 10% of the bail amount. For example, if this bail amount is $2,500.00, the premium charged is $250.00. Prior to the posting of the security bond, the defendant, friend or relative contacts a licensed bail agent. 1 Hour Bail Bonds can be contacted toll-free at 877-268-BAIL (2245), and we also accept collect calls at 916-447-1111 . By involving family and friends of the defendant, in addition to the collateral, the bail agent will post a bond for the full amount, financially guaranteeing the defendant’s appearance in court as scheduled.

Release on Own Recognizance (O.R.):

Once arrested, the defendant is interviewed and a points system is usually used to qualify the defendant for an O.R. release. Points are given based on family, job, length of time in the community and stability, among other things. An O.R. release is without any financial security to the court, to ensure the defendant will appear on the designated court date.

Release on Citation (Notice to Appear):

This procedure involves a citation issued by the arresting officer to the arrestee. It informs the arrestee that he / she must appear in court on an appointed date. The “cite out” usually occurs immediately following an individual’s arrest.

Will I get any money back from the premium that I paid for the bail bond?

The bail premium is fully earned once the bondsman posts the bail and the defendant is released from jail. The premium paid to the bail agency is their fee for providing the release of your loved one so that they can get back to family and work. Therefore, our fee (the 10% premium) is non-refundable.

What is collateral and when will it be returned?

Collateral in many cases is as simple as your good signature, but it can include a home, an automobile, or anything of value that can be used to financially secure a bail bond. Collateral is returned when the court has finished with the defendant’s cases(s), usually upon sentencing. The court will then notify us by mail of the exoneration of the case(s). Once we receive written notice from the court, collateral is returned.

Is Each Bond Unique?

We offer the most affordable, lowest cost bail bond financing available in California. Our licensed bail bond agents will be glad to explain and help you find the best financing option for your particular bail bond circumstance. Please call us directly at 916-447-1111 , 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, including holidays, for a bail bond financing price quote.

What is Warrant Surrenders?

If you have an Arrest or Bench Warrant, 1 Hour bail Bonds can help. We have an excellent working relationship with local law enforcement. We can get you the information you need and make arrangements for posting a bond before surrendering so that you will be out and on your way in as little time as possible. In some cases (misdemeanor or traffic cases) it won’t cost you anything. We actually walk with you to the Sheriffs’ Department, arrange for your release with your signature only, without going into custody and at no cost to you. This is a FREE service we offer to the community.